Before Your First Visit

Portal and New Patient Paperwork

Most of our patients will receive an invitation to join our portal, Healthie, and some electronic forms to fill out during the scheduling process. Please fill these out at your earliest convenience.

If you declined to join our portal during scheduling, you will get a mailing from us which you should open as soon as it arrives. Please fill out your new patient paperwork before your visit, and bring it with you. For telehealth visits, please mail it back to our office well in advance of your first visit so our staff can scan it and upload it for review by your provider.

Privacy Practices

Please review our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.

Patient Protections Again Surprise Billing/Good Faith Estimates

Visit our No Surprises page.

Cancelation Policy (Updated 10/5/2023)

Review our Cancelation and No-Show Policy.

Your First Visit

Not sure what to expect when you arrive? Many of our clients have never been to a dietitian or nutritionist before and aren’t sure what to expect. If you have scheduled a one-on-one nutrition consultation with us, we will meet privately in a cozy office at our converted 1840’s house. Telehealth visits are also available. Your partner or family member can attend telehealth visits with you if you wish, especially if that person does some of the shopping or cooking at your home.

Initial visits are usually 60-75 minutes in length. During this visit, we will discuss your medical history, current lifestyle considerations, food preferences and exercise habits. From the information gathered, we work together to develop a plan tailored to meet your individual needs and to promote long-term success.

Your follow-up visits to monitor progress and adjust goals may be 30 or 60 minutes, depending on your needs. Lifestyle change is typically an on-going process. New information, problem-solving and encouragement are important reasons why most of our clients return for follow-up visits.

If a client needs only brief education about a particular health need, a single visit may suffice.