Nutrition Works uses the video-chat platform for telehealth appointments. is easy to use on any internet-connected device, with no app to download and no username or password required. You will receive an Appointment Notification email from Nutrition Works with a link to the meeting. Just click on the link a few minutes before your appointment and your dietitian will meet you there!

Prepare for a successful video-chat:

  • Provide your email address to Nutrition Works at the time of scheduling. After you schedule, and again one to two days before your appointment, you will receive an email from Nutrition Works with a link to your video-chat. While we make every effort to protect your personal health information on our end, please be aware that information exchanged by email is only as secure as your own password-protected device and email account. If you have concerns about using your email for this purpose, please discuss them with us before scheduling.
  • NEW PATIENTS ONLY: Please take care of your paperwork right away. If your appointment is two or more weeks away,* we will send you some forms in the U.S. Mail. Open the envelope as soon as you receive it and start your four-day food record immediately. Please fill the forms out carefully, including all of the required information from your insurance card. As soon as you have finished your four-day food record, mail the forms to Nutrition Works LLC, 805 Stevens Ave, Portland, ME 04103. We need to receive the forms by Thursday of the week before your visit.
  • Five minutes before the appointment, make sure you are located somewhere with a good internet or cellular connection. Click on the link in the reminder email to enter your dietitian’s “waiting room”. Try the test call (bottom left of the screen) and follow the prompts to get your audio and video working smoothly. If you are stuck, try using a different web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.). Restarting your computer closes other applications that might be interfering, so try that too. Or try using a different device; sometimes a smartphone works better than computer or vice versa.
  • At the time of your appointment, your dietitian will start the call. If all else fails, she will phone you at the number you provided when you booked your appointment.

*If your appointment will take place soon, you can download the appropriate new patient forms from our web site. Return them to us by one of the following methods as soon as possible:

  • Mail the completed forms to Nutrition Works LLC, 805 Stevens Ave, Portland, ME 04103.
  • Fax the completed forms to us at (888) 975-0245. Please use a cover sheet that calls attention by name to the dietitian you will be seeing.
  • Email the completed forms directly to your dietitian. Please call the office at (207) 772-6279 at least one business day in advance to arrange.